Welcome to Moms4HRC

Moms Trust Hillary

Moms4HRC is a national network of women who want to elect Hillary Clinton. Hillary has spent a lifetime making women’s and children’s lives her priority. Now, it’s our turn to stand with Hillary!

Moms4HRC is a volunteer, grass-roots organization. Mom-to-Mom connections are powerful. Moms want the same things for our children:  to keep them healthy, to protect them from harm, to ensure they have a good education. That’s why Moms will get Hillary elected. From the pool to the playground. From work to worship. Moms need to spread the word that it is Hillary who we trust.

Only Hillary cares about children. Only Hillary cares about women. And only Hillary has fought to:

  • provide funding to states to establish high-quality, no cost pre-K
  • ensure health insurance for children
  • get schools to accommodate children with disabilities
  • secure paid leave for parents to care for their newborns and sick kids
  • pass gun control laws
  • ensure quality child care
  • secure equal pay for women
  • allow LGBT parents to adopt children
  • get better prenatal care to moms around the globe
  • provide better nutrition to children around the world during their first 1,000 days of life

A quick history of Moms4HRC and Why Hillary Needs Us

In June 2016 – and after almost 19 years in public service – I quit my job. I made the decision for 2 reasons. I wanted to spend more time with my teenage daughters; and, although I’ve never been politically active before, I wanted to do whatever I could to ensure that Hillary Clinton becomes our next President of the United States.

Thus was born, Moms4HRC – originally on Facebook, and now with an extension Web site.  I started this site because I believe that Mom’s in particular want to elect a President committed to making women’s and children’s lives — our health, education, and well-being — a priority. Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life working to improve our lives. It’s our turn to stand up for Hillary Clinton now.

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